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The e-commerce professionals


The project manager of e-commerce has the task of bringing the company online and planning from scratch the whole strategy.

Coordinates all digital departments involved in the project.


  • depth of all web marketing tools knowledge
  • Knowledge of e-commerce legislation
  • retail marketing knowledge
  • Preparation of company budget and business plan
  • Planning of advertising campaigns
  • market research and competitor analysis
  • Planning guidelines for the creation of content (copywriting and visual)


Once the platform starts, the project manager delegates the e-commerce manager.

He/She has the task of coordinating the work of all the teams, interacting with all the operating figures required for the operation of a B2C platform (Business to Commerce), making sure that the marketing strategies and sales plans drawn up are respected.

Areas to be supervised

  • Study the Analytics reports
  • Deal with the management control
  • Develop strategies for capturing traffic
  • Monitor customer service
  • Oversee the marketing strategies to improve the user experience
  • Plan logistics.


This managerial figure focuses its activities exclusively on the strategic marketing department.


  • Web design skills to define together with web designers and graphic programmers and site structure
  • Seo skills to coordinate the specialist in the development of strategies of positioning on search engines. We suggest in this regard to take a look at our course seo copywriting
  • Sem skills to plan advertising campaigns and affiliate marketing that will strengthen the company's business
  • Inbound Marketing skills to create lead generation funnel that favor through tools such as email marketing


Create an e-shop is not more complex as before. Thanks to open source platforms as Magento or Prestashop etc ...


  • Elaborates functional architecture to the product / service offered and studied effective and compelling graphics solutions
  • Manufactures product sheets and graphical interfaces tailored to each product in the catalog
  • Install and manage plug-ins to integrate the platform functions
  • Schedule inventory products and is responsible for managing catalogs
  • Develops management software: CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (management accounting / inventory / sales)


He/She is mainly involved in indexed pages for terms related to the product.
His goal is to drive traffic to pages that might offer a higher conversion rate, or inducing the customer to buy the goods for sale in the store.


  • Increases contact by creating sponsored ads published within the Google SERP.
  • It promotes brand awareness by creating banners on Google's Display Network.
  • Increase conversions by creating display banners.


  • He/she produces rich product data sheets for information and appealing images.
  • Create useful content and stimulating.
  • It makes the product more desirable with storytelling


  • Email interacts with users who register on the platform welcoming them.
  • Connect with Customers who have not completed purchases.
  • Contact the customer at the end of the transaction.
  • It follows and supports the client in the later stages of purchase.
  • Invites you to visit the store by offering advantageous and exclusive promotions.
  • Analyzes data about purchases and the interests of clients.
  • Run A / B tests to see which email convert more

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Companies specializing in online sales, in recent times, are looking to enhance their business by creating a strong external sales network.
The "request business agent", can convert that traffic going to your website / blog into customers for e-commerce, is growing steadily.
Amazon, for example, has focused firmly on this acquisition channel, making him a mainstay of their business online.

Digital Retail Specialist

Based on data collected by analysts, it has the task of creating made to measure routes for the customer. The ultimate goal is to increase the interaction with the user, guiding it between the virtual aisles of online stores.
The new e-commerce border will be this: to offer within a physical store an interaction with the strongly digital customer with the ability to customize the product, making it in fact unique.

Social Commerce Specialist

Creates engagement around the product and encourages user participation on the social platform.
leverages social spaces to advertise exclusive promotions
It generates traffic to e-commerce through the sharing of content, and calls to the call to action.
develop and disseminate viral content that improve the brand reputation and brand awareness.
It detects data related to customer satisfaction through the community.